• Hula Hoop Performance

  • Krisztina is as passionate about hula hooping as she is dancing. She is constantly looking for new ways to incorporate dance movements into her hula hooping style, to make it both expressive and technical accomplished. She effortlessly spins both single and multiple hoops, and performs internationally at cabarets, festivals and corporate events.



    Energetic and engaging, this cheerful stage act uses technical multi hooping circus skills fused with dance to an upbeat electronic music track.


    The essence of the performance is how a beautiful blue dress can create shapes and vortexes. This dance piece is visually stunning and mesmerising where hula hoop is used in a rather unconventional way. The story is about whirlpools, spirals and toruses that are drawn by the dress through space.

    Exit through the Wormhole

    Explore the possibilities of time travel through the eyes of a misty creature. In this performance the audience is invited to come along for a ride in a mystical and occult world. Be prepared for something bizarre.

  • Poi Performance

  • Krisztina picked up poi for the first time in 2006 and she has been a passionate poi spinner ever since. Several years of dedication shaped her performance style evolving to a clean, elegant and at the same time a technical poi spinner. She spins poi smootlhly with a very feminine touch expressing the literally endless possibilities of circles around our body, fusing these geometrics with dance.

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